Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life Altering

I really wanted to share with you some amazing advice I was given this morning.

It had been a really long time since I had spent such a special Sunday with two of the most important people in my life - my husband and my best friend.  Our morning started off amazingly in a place where some very wise, humbling and life changing advice was bestowed upon us.

It all comes down to managing your life.  We all struggle with maintaining a functioning balance in your life where all aspects of what is important to you are given equal attention.  We tend to, given what a busy society we live in, prioritize our jobs over everything else.  We spend so much time worrying about getting everything done, about working until we can't keep our eyes open that we often times cheat ourselves of our spouses, our friends, our family, etc.  So change that now.

In your journal, (or on a post it, or a piece of paper, or in your head) jot down your presuppositions, followed by your perspectives and then the three most important things in your life (in broad terms, for example people, stuff, etc).  Then plan out how you are going to attach each one of those aspects - your practices.  And just go back and remind yourself every day what those things are.

I am so excited to finally have a way to plan out my priorities and my practices.  With so much work this year, I feel like I never see my husband, or my family, or my friends.  And it's an empty feeling.  Now I have a way to counteract it.

I think this sums it up:
Presuppositions, perspectives, priorities and practices.  The 4Ps.

Other than that, what have I been up to?

Better yet, what have I NOT been up to?

We are in the middle of report card season!  (Can I get a "WHAT WHAT!!").

It makes my head hurt.

But I created this cool little Parent-Teacher Conference Guide in both English and Spanish.  This way, I can really keep my conferences to 20 minutes or so with this overview sheet.  It covers just about everything that is on the report card without going into the incredible depth on the report card.  Just a general overview and spaces to write my observations.  You can find it on my TpT store by clicking the picture.  Don't forget to leave me comments!

I also created a Thanksgiving book report!  You know the "Disguise the Turkey" art project, right?  You send home a clipart picture of a turkey (nice and big) and then have the kids disguise him at home however they'd like to.  So what I did was design a project where they read a book at home and then disguise their turkey as the main character.  If you click the picture, it will take you to my TpT store!

Gobble Gobble!  Until next time, friends!