Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back to School Night??!!

I don't really have a whole lot to report.  These past couple of days have been spent in the classroom for countless hours organizing, decorating, and getting my head in the game.  But I have to admit, my room is coming along quite nicely!  I am SO excited about my Seussy theme this year!  Check out my little reading nook:
I painted the rocking chair last year for our school's annual Spring Fling.  My Truffula Tree I made using a pool noodle that I cut in half, some green colored duck tape and a red pom pom from a party store.  The pillows, my personal favorite find, are from WalMart!  The Dr. Seuss book covers and characters on the wall come from Michaels, a find from last year around Dr. Seuss's birthday.  Oh, and that curtain?  Yeah, that's my flat sheet from college.  :)
Tomorrow is back to school night, so once I have all those packets figured out and my classroom totally finished, I'll post again!