Monday, November 26, 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho!

I foresee several Christmas blogs coming up in the near future, so please, bear with me with the cheesy titles.  They will only get better.

Today was our first day back from Thanksgiving break and it was nutso!  My second graders and I went on a field trip to see our local dance troupe's adaptation of The Nutcracker and I have to tell you, it was really, really good.  My favorite scene was when the nutcracker and Clara were given a larger than life present and when the dancers opened the box, out popped about 10 little children dressed in very festive tutus (and one baby blue overall jumper outfit)!  It was precious!  I loved it!

We came back and my second graders were squirrely, but my firsties had just come back from recess.  So we ate some snack and then, much to my second grader's great fortune, went back outside for more recess!  And good thing too, they needed it!

We then went to lunch!  And then more recess!  And then my firsties went to English (I teach dual immersion, remember?) while my second graders stayed with me and wrote about their favorite part from the ballet.  We came back and I had the kids help me decorate for Christmas.

"Why would you do that?" you may be asking yourself.  Well, the answer is really quite simple.  I try very hard to make sure the kids feel at home in our classroom, and they all love and cherish Christmas and Mr. Santa Claus, so I thought it very fitting for them to help me decorate for Christmas.  I also have a couple of students who don't have much at home and I figured that that lack of stuff probably extends to Christmas cheer, so I wanted to make sure they had a place where they could find as much cheer as they wanted.

We did a lot of decorating, but I was especially proud of the Christmas tree they put together!  I have one of those fake Target tabletop Christmas trees (the $8 one) and all I did was put the pegs on the bottom so it would stand by itself.  Look at how well decorated it is!
Isn't that just amazingly good?!  

So then when the kids left, I had a SmartBoard training (blog posts tracking my adventures in touch board land coming soon!) but after that, I decorated our classroom door.  As I have mentioned several times, we have a Dr. Seuss theme going on, so the Cat in the Hat is a permanent resident on our door.  But this time, the sneaky fellow disguised himself as a snowman!  The only reason you know it's him is because he's still wearing his hat!  
Sneaky fellow!

And of course, I couldn't leave out our house....

Just a sneak peak!  Hobby Lobby is my new best friend :)