Saturday, May 18, 2013

Time Flies...

...when you're having fun.  Whether you like it or not.  And fortunately, and unfortunately, I have had a lot of fun this year.  I can't believe that the last time I blogged was at Christmas!  And there I was talking about how I was going to blog so much during that time of the year and bladee-blah.  And instead, I did not.  And I apologize for not following through on my word.

This is one of my favorite and least favorite times of the school year.  We are wrapping everything up, so in that sense it is very sad.  And it is especially very sad this year because I will not be returning to my beloved little school.  I will be moving on to a different school where I will be helping them start a dual immersion program as well!  So that part is exciting, but the leaving, packing, unpacking, leaving, leaving parts are not so fun or exciting.  

I told my kiddos a couple of weeks ago that I would not be returning and their reaction just about broke my heart.  One of my girls burst into tears on the spot.  She was crying so hard I thought she was just making faces at me.  I even started getting her in trouble, until I realized she was sobbing.  I started to choke up.  I looked away and took a deep breath and continued.  I put the kids to work and went to the back bulletin board and starting putting things up (so that I wouldn't be looking at the kids while I wiped away tears).  As I'm putting up writing assignments, another girl comes up to me and hugs my waist from behind and starts convulsing.  She was sobbing too.  I lost it.  I grabbed her hand, pulled her close to me and just sat on the floor with her crying too (probably not my most professional move, but I'm glad the kids saw that I value and adore them so much it makes me cry that I won't see them next year.)  Before you knew it, I had 4 or 5 kids crying with me.  

I pulled myself together and mentioned that we could always email each other, facetime, and even Skype when we need to.  Oye, it was a rough day.

So I decided that their end of the school year gifts needed to be that much more special.  I have been working on them now for about a week or so and finally finished my master (and trial and error) copy.
How stinken adorable is this??  I can't wait!  Now, to find a cute quote to put on the back.  Hmmmm.

Then, I got this heart-wrenching letter from a student.  Nothing like a second grader to make you feel like you're abandoning them.  Or breaking up with them.  Hmph.

Other than that, we are growing butterflies!  I'll post pictures once they are out of their cocoons!  Right now, their cocoons are sitting on my kitchen table.