Monday, January 20, 2014

Time to Carpe Some Diem

This New Years has really been about changing my attitude about the aspects in my life that I can control which, fortunately enough, are many.  Some things are clearly out of my control and no matter how hard I try they never will be in my control, so why put myself through the unnecessary hurt and stress?

I don't anymore.

So part of this entails realizing when to stop and how to give myself a break in ALL aspects of my life.
Anyways.  I'm trying to carpe all of my diems both at home and at school.

For school, that looks like trying out as many new strategies as possible.  Recently, our district introduced to us counting collections.  At first, it all seemed a little daunting.  But I have to tell you, it is probably my favorite thing to do for math.

Essentially we give baggies of materials from our junk boxes to our students (who are working in partners).  Each back has anywhere from 50 to upwards of 100 objects in them.  We also give them little cups, big cups, tens frames, plates, etc. to help them organize the objects.  We give them roughly 30 minutes (after our math talks and subitizing and rekenreks) to organize their objects however they want.  We have been practicing putting materials into groups of 10 and then counting by 10s to figure out how many objects they have.  They are doing a fantastic job with it.  I think one more week of just counting and then we'll start actually recording.

It is incredible how much they enjoy it, how engaged they are and how well they are doing with their counting skills.  Yay kindergarten!

In other news, here's our finished Three Little Pigs bulletin board.

Have a fantastic week and make sure you carpe your diems too!