Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Turnips and Dancing

I know, the title is a little....strange to say the least.

But let me explain.

I'll start with the turnip.  We are studying pushes and pulls in kindergarten and decided that a good story to share with the kiddos would be The Enormous Turnip.  It will be great.

Now the way we share them is through narrative inputs.  You can read about how you share narrative inputs by clicking here.

I guess I need to back track a little bit.  Today and tomorrow the kindergarten team at our school is out again for SEAL training.  Today, while sitting in my gym clothes in the training room (FINALLY gym clothes for work!) I remembered that I needed to scan the turnip pictures from the book and draw my background for it.  So I rushed home after training (that's a lie, I went to school first and then went home) and set to work on my drawing.  It took me two hours.

Because I was dancing.

A lot.

And it's really hard to draw when you're dancing.

Anyways, I did my drawing and tomorrow I need to have it laminated and then I need to finish scanning the turnip pictures.

Here are some pictures!
Here I was just getting started.  Set out my poster paper, the picture from the book I was going to emulate, my pencil and my music.

After drawing it, I traced it all out in black marker and erased the pencil markings.  My music is still blaring.

Then I colored.  With crayons.  Whoever said that you can't color and shade appropriately with crayons....was ABSOLUTELY right!

Voila!  All done!

I must say, I have had a TON of energy this week.  I started waking up at 5am and working out before school almost three weeks ago now and it really is amazing.  I was drop dead exhausted for the first week and a half, but this week it's not even fazing me.  I get up, work out, make myself a protein shake (that I end up drinking or the majority of the morning so it keeps me full and away from snacking on cruddy food) and then get ready for school.  And I get to school EARLY!!!!  

My smoothies always have Kefir, almond milk, raw oats, protein powder and at least 2 types of fruit (here banana and blueberries.


Ahem.  Over and out.