Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week 2

Week 2 of kindergarten was fantastic. I'm feeling really good about my kids and really good about the kindergarten team and the school. We be jammin'.

I had to make some changes though.

I needed to post my standards so I found some adorable ones on TpT and purchased them. I then slipped the ones we are working on into page protectors and used washi tape to decorate the edges.
You can get the standards from Sorry, writing from my phone makes links impossible.

I then also recreated this board after a pocket chart I saw (with my amazing coworker) in a Lakeshore catalog.

Ooh! And my Donors Choose rug arrived!! Yippee!!!  

To top things off, I went to Barnes and Noble's to get some books for my kiddos.

My coworker and I decided to do a series of lessons on writing our names. Starting with this Chicka Chicka Book Boom activity I saw on Pinterest and that I saw another coworker make. Here's mine:

And aaaalllllll the prep

But at least I had a feline helper.