Tuesday, September 3, 2013


"Yo tengo 26 años."
"Whoa, maestra!!! That's a lot of numbers!!!"

So began my morning. 

I promised I would show you my capitanes chart that I made, so here it is:

I wrote each one of my students' names on a star and stapled it to a pipe cleaner I had cut in half. I purchased those library card envelopes last year (or the year before that) at lakeshore on clearance ("pieces missing."  What does that even mean for a pack of envelopes??!! Whatever.)

Every week, on Monday, we pick new table captains. Their tables have a Dr. Seuss hat taped to them with a number written on them. Those correspond with my chart.

Capitanes help me pass out papers and materials. For now, that's a lot of responsibility!! As they grow, we'll add jobs and new charts. But for now, this is perfect!

Can I add it is insanely difficult to get work done with a frisky kitten who likes to sleep on your shoulder around?