Monday, October 14, 2013

Las estaciones del año

So here we are, wrapping up our weather unit this week.

The catch:  Monday and Tuesday of this week our kiddos are with subs.  We are continuing our awesome training for SEAL (Sobrato Early Academic Language) so the subs are very briefly introducing the seasons.  When we get back on Wednesday, we'll continue with seasons and wrap it up so we can start community workers on Monday!

Whew!  Time is FLYING!  No lo puedo creer.  Pero así es la vida.

This is the pictorial input I modified from this one I saw on Pinterest.
I modified it to include a picture of a child wearing a typical outfit for this type of weather/season.  The last piece of our unit puzzle is how the weather affects us.

I can't wait to draw this one on Wednesday!  Pictures of the completed input chart to come!