Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weather Weather Everywhere!

As promised, I took pictures of my weather pictorial inputs and am ready to start explaining them.  So get set, buckle your seat belts and get ready for a lot of words!

The first input we did was about the sun.
We went over the sun being a star and what we get from it.  Our major words were clima (weather), luz (light), vitaminas (vitamines) and calor (heat).  We discussed that the sun influences the weather in different ways.  The heat warms up the earth and water which helps create storms, snow, etc.  The light that comes from the sun helps trees, people, plants and animals grow.  As does the heat.  The vitamins from the sun help us be healthy.

I drew that picture on the poster paper while the kids were watching.  This helps them stay engaged and focused on what I'm saying and doing because they want to know what I'm doing.  I went through the whole thing in one day (chunked it into two 30 minute parts).  The next day, I went through the poster again and explained the whole poster again, showing them a real life picture for every major vocabulary word.  I then had the vocabulary word written on a sentence strip in red and called on non-volunteers (popsicle sticks) to match the sentence strip word to the word on the poster.  OH, and including as much TPR as possible into the explanation is CRUCIAL.

Next, we did clouds.
We reviewed the sun and heat and added Earth, warm Earth, humidity, cool down, condense and cloud.  We used a lot of TPR to explain how the sun heats up the earth.  The warm earth releases humidity and as it rises, it cools down and condenses creating a cloud.

The same strategies were used for this poster.

Today, we finished up the water cycle.
The major words here were cloud, precipitation, accumulation, ocean, river, lake, humidity, evaporation and condensation.

Oh boy, we have learned a lot!  Tomorrow, we move on to WIND!