Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Oh boy have I neglected to share with you guys what we're doing! 

You'll have to forgive my post, I'm writing it from my bed on my phone. I'm tired.

Anyways, we have been working with the NEW California science standards and a new strategy called SEAL, and needless to say, it's been a lot of designing, creating and coloring. 

I still need to take pictures of my pictorial inputs (which I'll do tomorrow, I promise!) and write a post about them.  But for now, I have our centers!

Last week:
We worked with stamping our sonidos iniciales with Estrellita, a fantastic phonics program in Spanish. That's what the yellow sheets are in the too box. Moving clockwise we did a vowel sort, a pocket chart poem that they constructed (llueve llueve llueve), a letter "u" vocabulary builder and another vowel sort.

Math numbers 0-5
We had sticker numbers in the too left box. Moving clockwise we did a too and color, play dough numbers, number line number representation with counting bears and spinner numbers.

This week:
Top left, Estrellita listening center. The kids followed the letters on the yellow sheet with a Popsicle stick with a giant googly eye on it. Moving clockwise we did another poem (que llueva, que llueve), a 4 ways to write it with our sight words, sentence building with sight words, and sílabas con a.

Math numbers 0-5
*disclosure: these materials come from various Teachers Pay Teachers stores. Links to come soon.*
Top left: memory game with teacher. Moving clockwise we had apple counting trees, number sort, number-clothespin correspondence, and number write the room.

That's it for now. I'll post those links soon and weather unit pictures to come!!!