Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Snug on a Rug!

Boy oh boy do I have some updates for you guys!

Ok, first thing first, husband and I got a kitten!!  She's so snuggly and so cute, I can't contain myself.  I will admit that I really, really, really  like cats.  So I am over the moon having a kitten in the house!  She keeps me on my toes, snuggles, sits on my lap, gives me the crazy, frisky, time-to-play eye and is very well behaved.

She does, however, enjoy climbing UP my leg.  She has made it all the way to my shoulders a few times (my back has the scratches and future scars to prove it.)  So a spray bottle is in her very near future.

Oh, her name is Oreo.
She looks a lot bigger here than she is, but I assure you, she's 3 months old and a tiny, little brat.

The next news is I got into my classroom and have started decorating and putting things away!  And oh boy am I going to need a lot of help getting it done.  But I have a week and a half before Kinder Meet and Greet, so I should be good to go by then.  I'll post pictures as soon as my room doesn't look like a Lakeshore explosion.

Lastly, as I mentioned in another post, I don't have a classroom rug.  So tonight I went on my Donors Choose account and created a project for a rug.  I'm really hoping to have it fulfilled by mid-week next week, but I'm thinking that's a stretch.  So that's where YOU come in.

I know it's a lot to ask for people to donate, and I am not expecting every person who reads my blog to donate.  Not by any means.  But spreading the word about my project makes just as big of an impact as making a donation.  The more people who stumble across my project, the bigger the probability is of it being fulfilled.

As soon as I have that link, I will post it.  EVERYWHERE.  I'm being super hopeful here.  I guess we'll have to wait and see how it turns out!

I can't believe school starts in a little under 2 weeks!  Where did the summer go???