Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm Late!

I'm a couple of days late, or several days early, for Made-It Monday.  But that's ok, it was worth the wait!

As I'm sure you know, my classroom is going to be Dr. Seuss themed again this year.  My first and second graders liked it last year which leads me to believe that my kinders will LOVE it this year.  It should be right up their, and my, alley.

I already have a Dr. Seuss upholstered chair that I use for calendar time (thanks to an amazing mom from my school last year), posters, cut outs, books, bulletin boards, calendar, clocks, even a DRAPE for my reading corner, a rocking chair and other little knick knacks.

What I didn't have was wall art.  Not just the punch out Eureka decorations, but something a little more substantial.

Ok, back story.  Last year I went to Target and bought, from the $1 spot, those cute little canvas Dr. Seuss bags.  I didn't use them at all last year and thusly semi reluctantly bought the 4 new ones they had this year thinking I would find some use for them.  I thought about using them as New Student bags (but I want the bag back!), reading book bags (they would fight over which character bag they got), center bags (center stuff almost always is destroyed), and finally gave up.

UNTIL the brilliant idea to glue them to art canvasses came to me!  Turns out, it's not an original idea (click here to see another example).  Oh well, great minds think alike!
The first thing I did was cut the bags in half.  I tried to cut along the seams as much as possible.  I cut off the handles and hot glued them to canvas (with lots of tricksy folding involved.)  The canvas size I used was 8x10.  I LOVE them!

I also went to Lakeshore yesterday.  That store is a dangerous place.  But I picked up some cool Dr. Seuss stuff and an awesome plastic mailbox that I'll have my kiddos use to turn in their morning work!

How are YOU decorating your room?