Monday, July 29, 2013

Soy Una Pizza

I was looking back at a video of my summer camp kids (as well as my awesome fellow teachers' kids) performing a song by Charlotte Diamond and realized that I never posted a sampling of songs that I use with the kids all the time.  Several of them are also new ones that I learned this summer AT summer camp.

This is an oldie, but TREASURE GOODIE.  It's called "Juanito cuando baila."  It's performed by Jose Luis Orozco normally, but the youtube video is by someone else.  The kids LOVE this one and they learn all of their body parts in Spanish.  This version is slower, but just as good.  I think it's a little easier for the little ones to catch on.

This is another Jose Luis Orozco song.  Actually, this video has two:  "Buenos dias" and "Diez deditos".  These are two more classics that the kids really enjoy.  The first one is great for starting off your morning circle time with and "Diez deditos" is a fun way for them to learn their numbers to ten.

Another very popular one with the kiddos by Charlotte Diamond.  Mostly because they know the English version (Slippery Fish) but also because, as much as I don't like having kids songs stuck in my head, this one is catchy.

This is another Charlotte Diamond classic.  It's a repeat after me song, which makes it very easy for the kids to learn it.  And this one is also very catchy.  Not to mention, who doesn't want to sing as loudly as they can?

This one comes from Cepillin, a popular Mexican kids' tv show.  This song is awesome.  The kids love dancing to it and singing along with the different instruments.  It is also very, very catchy.

And lastly, a mom from my summer school program posted this video of the kiddos singing for the parent performances.  They did such a good job.  I am SO proud of them!  My kiddos are in the front two rows.  What cuties.

What songs and interactive media sources do YOU use in your classroom?