Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We're halfway there....

Oooooh oooooh!!  Livin' on a prayer!!!

Sorry, I just love that song.

We're halfway there!  It's almost Friday!  This week went by pretty quickly, I must admit.  And I have SO many things to share with you!  I'll try to keep the writing to a bare minimum this time.  Mostly pictures.  :)

Target brought out more goodies!  Check these beauties out!

Hanging Border Storage!  YIPPEE!!!

Border storage has got to be the most annoyingly difficult part of classroom organization.  I saw these and, honestly, didn't care how much they cost.  They're worth it.  Lucky for me, they were only $3.
Dry-Erase Pockets

I'm just too tired of using page protectors.  So I bought enough for small groups.  Let's give them a whirl!

And of course, there was more Dr. Seuss stuff, but all in due time.  More paper cut-outs, borders and brightly colored knick knacks (like little jars and stuff.)  I can't wait to start decorating!

Now, here's the real dilemma.  My new classroom does not have teacher rugs (and in my previous district the carpets were purchased for me).  That being said, I do not own any teacher carpets.  Not that I have a burning desire to own a classroom rug, but it will make certain aspects much easier.  Even if I don't actually purchase it (or create a project through Donor's Choose), I need to decide what carpets I want.  Here is what I'm thinking.

I really, really, REALLY love this rug: 
Find this rug at

Being the paranoid shopper that I am (hard to believe, right?) I'm not sure I want to invest or ask for people to help me invest in a rug that is SO theme specific.  But I ADORE this rug.

Another option that I really like is this one:

This one is bilingual!  And it's cute and bright and really, there's not much to NOT love about this rug.  

So here's my dilemma.  Should I get a HUGE Dr. Seuss rug and a small bilingual rug for the reading corner?  Or a HUGE bilingual rug and a small Dr. Seuss rug for the reading corner?    

Any suggestions?