Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturdays Are Priceless

Hi everyone!  I know I have been posting a lot lately, but I keep getting these ideas and wanting to post them.  I don't know, sometimes my idea flow gets a little out of control.

Anyways, I wanted to share with you the idea of Sacred Saturdays.  My friend over at Teach. Pray. Love. Blog. wrote about it this morning and it gave me a great idea: let's turn it into a thing!  You know, like a "everybody who is interested grab the little button thingy that I made for Sacred Saturday and post about Sacred Saturday on Saturday mornings" thing.

So.  Sacred Saturday.  Well, what is it?

If you read my friend's blog (by the way, not only is she a friend, but she was a bridesmaid in my wedding, so she's pretty special to me!) we were told on pretty much day 1 of the credential program that if you don't carve out a few hours on Saturday to just do something completely selfish and for yourself, you might go crazy.  Those hours you carve out were dubbed "Sacred Saturday".  You don't mess with Sacred Saturday.   Messing with Sacred Saturday is worse than messing with a cranky kindergartner, so don't do it.

Some of the things that we would do in the credential program for Sacred Saturday included hiking, going out for coffee with friends, going to a coffee shop to read (for fun!  oh me oh my!), walking around the farmer's market, going to the park, watching a movie, baking, cooking, blogging, etc.  Something that you don't normally get the chance to do during the week, but LOVE being able to do.  The key is it needs to be something that makes you happy, something that is not a chore and something that you do purely for yourself.  And it absolutely CANNOT be school related!  You need a break from school stuff.  As a teacher, you know that you eat, drink, live and breathe school every day of the week for nearly 24 hours a day.

Even on the weekend, we tend to work on school stuff.

So for a few hours on Saturday, stop.  It's hammer time.

So here's the idea, Saturday morning write about what you did for your Sacred Saturday!  Nothing special, nothing big, and not a super long post (unless you're absolutely DYING to dish out all the details).  Just something that can help give the rest of us some neat ideas for next week's Sacred Saturday.

So what did I do this Saturday morning?  I spent the morning with my husband making breakfast.  I don't get to do that during the week and I really miss it M-F.  Breakfast, laze.  That was my Saturday morning.  And it was amazing.

What did YOU do?