Thursday, August 22, 2013

So Close

Hi everyone!

I, as I'm sure many of you out there in cyber land as well, have been working like a mad woman on and in my classroom.  Everyday has been a race against the clock to get as much done in my classroom as possible.  And finally, it feels like I'm almost done!

Of course, that means that if you open up my closets I still have a big box of "to-file" kinder stuff (that I figure I'll be going through throughout the year, so no rush to get that filed away RIGHT now) and a box or two of random things that I don't anticipate needing this year.  Other than that, all I have left to do tomorrow is sort through books, put up a conflict resolution corner, student labels and I'll be done!  Which is good, because the kinders come tomorrow for our Kindergarten Ice Cream Social!

So here is what it looks like right now (don't mind the minor messes in the corners of the room).

Ok, when you walk in the door and look to your left, this is what you see!  My calendar USED to be on yellow paper, but that whiteboard isn't magnetic so my board fell down 5 TIMES before I decided to just take the paper down and stick it directly to the whiteboard.  The corner is my focus wall corner.

Those closet doors will be where I hang my student writing work.  I don't have many bulletin board spaces, so I fancied up the doors and will be using those.  I LOVE how they turned out!  The wall right above my cubbies will also display students work (probably math, or social studies, or science, something along those lines.)

This is just another view of the cubby wall.

That is my back closet and my cabinets with my birthday cupcakes!  The book bins above are books that I will pull for specific units or once I can gauge my students' reading levels.  They are books geared more for second grade level reading, so I'll pull them down when I need them!

Ok, it's time to get this tired maestra in bed.  It's been a loooong couple of weeks and I want to be nice and rested for the Ice Cream Social tomorrow!  I'll let you know how it goes!